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HERCON® ENVIRONMENTAL is proud to introduce a new configuration of HERCON® INSECTAPE® with PROPOXUR
HERCON® INSECTAPE® is an insecticidal strip with application clip that kills foraging fire ants, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse). It keeps insects...
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Gypsy moth treatment season is here!

Over 400,000 acres throughout the United States to be treated with Hercon’s DISRUPT II GYPSY MOTH MATING DISRUPTANT.

Hercon Disrupt II is an environmentally friendly insect pheromone product to control gypsy moth infestations. 

The pheromone is a sex attractant produced by the female moth creating a distinct scent trail that the male moth uses to locate her for mating.  It is species specific meaning Disrupt II targets only the gypsy moth and no other insects, fish, reptiles, birds or mammals. Disrupt II works by interfering with the scent communication between the adult male and female moths.  It is not a chemical that will kill the gypsy moth but will hide or “mask” the scent trail the male moth follows to locate the female for mating purposes.  When the product is aerially applied over trees the tiny flakes start to slowly release a small amount of gypsy moth pheromone into the area.  The released pheromone will then permeate throughout the treated area covering up the distinct scent trails produced by the female gypsy moths.  Therefore the male moths cannot find and mate with the female moths causing a significant decrease in fertilized eggs and reducing the gypsy moth population.