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HERCON® ENVIRONMENTAL is proud to introduce a new configuration of HERCON® INSECTAPE® with PROPOXUR
HERCON® INSECTAPE® is an insecticidal strip with application clip that kills foraging fire ants, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse). It keeps insects...
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Hercon Environmental was founded in 1974 to develop, manufacture, and commercialize environmentally compatible products to combat major insect pests in agricultural, forestry, industrial/utility, professional pest management, and home & garden markets. Hercon has remained a leader in the introduction of novel products to monitor and control insect pests utilizing non-toxic/low toxicity insect pheromones, attractants and repellents, and low risk insecticides. Hercon's proprietary laminated polymer controlled-release technology has proven ideal for the formulation of these active agents into effective products for use in such diverse applications as control of gypsy moth populations in forests, detection of boll weevil invasions in cotton, prevention of insect infestations in telecommunications and utility equipment, and elimination of mosquitoes in public and residential settings.
Our Vision

Our age–old struggle against insect pests to secure an adequate food supply and a healthy living standard continues unabated and remains at critical levels in some areas of the world. Many major chemical insecticides that allowed us to make significant advances have been removed from use and others are being questioned for undesirable side effects to human or animal health and the environment. Government regulation, consumer pressure, and the build–up of resistant pest populations will eliminate many more conventional insecticides in the foreseeable future, escalating the need for new environmentally acceptable products to combat insect pests.

As this struggle evolves, Hercon will remain in the forefront by developing and commercializing new products for detection and control of major insect pests, products that combine value and efficacy with environmental compatibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers grow their business by delivering products and services of exceptional value distinguished by their quality and innovation on time every day. In turn our customers reward us with the privilege of being their solution provider. For 30+ years Hercon has remained a leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of environmentally compatible insect monitoring and control products based primarily on insect pheromone technology.

To attain distinction as our customers’ preferred supply partner for environmentally compatible products to detect and control insect pests in the worldwide markets we serve.

To re–earn this distinction daily by being the supplier most responsive to our customersí immediate and long–term needs and by exceeding their expectations with innovative development, quality manufacturing, and dependable delivery of the insect detection and control products they need to meet the evolving requirements of the markets they serve.

Our Customers

Our customers are our most important assets. The privilege of satisfying their product needs assures our current success. The benefit of their insight about the rapidly evolving markets they serve enables us to develop the products required to assure our mutual success in the future.

We serve a broad customer base diverse in size, function, and location. They range from governmental agencies and multi–state organizations engaged in insect monitoring and control programs to agricultural product distributors and consumer product marketers across the country and around the world.

Our Technology

Hercon´s unique proprietary laminated polymer technology is the foundation of our controlled–release product manufacturing capability. This technology allows formulation and mass–production of highly effective controlled–release products for many different applications using a wide variety of active ingredients.

The unique multi–layer structure of Hercon´s laminated polymer formulation system protects sensitive active ingredients from premature environmental breakdown caused by oxidation or photo–degradation. It also prolongs the useful life of active ingredients by controlling their rate of release so an efficacious amount is continuously made available. By selecting the appropriate film thickness and polymeric composition, product release characteristics can be varied to accommodate a wide range of active ingredients and use applications.

Hercon´s laminated polymer technology permits high speed/high volume manufacturing of products having uniform high quality. The laminate structure produced lends itself to a wide variety of finished product forms, from small flakes suitable for aerial application (see DISRUPT® II GM), to postage stamp–sized dispensers for use as lures in insect traps (see LURETAPE® Insect Monitoring Lures), and larger patches for the controlled–release of insecticides to prevent insect infestations in telecommunications and utility equipment (see INSECTAPE® Insecticidal Tape/Strip).

In addition to our unique laminated polymer technology, we utilize several other formulation and manufacturing methods to produce efficacious insect monitoring or control products when appropriate.

Our Quality

Quality is taken seriously at Hercon. For nearly 40 years, Hercon has earned and maintained a reputation for dependable top quality insect monitoring and control products, a reputation we are committed to preserving and deserving in the future.

Our Quality Assurance Laboratory utilizes state–of–the–art gas chromatography (GC) and other appropriate analytical methods to confirm the quality of in–coming raw materials, in–process production, and finished products. Certificates of Analysis are available on request with product orders to certify the quality of all applicable products Hercon sells.

But Quality Assurance extends beyond the lab at Hercon. It is the hallmark of everything we do that effects our customers´ perception of our performance, starting with dependable product quality, but including efficient order processing, on–time delivery, helpful technical product support and follow–up, and positive responsiveness to the evolving needs of our customers.

Our Team

Our Customer Service is dedicated to satisfying customer needs. We take pride in supplying our customers with top quality products. We enjoy finding innovative solutions to problems our customers may encounter due to their rapidly changing markets. We also know that insect pests wait for no one, so it is not enough just to offer top quality products, they also need to be delivered on time to be useful. We are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes within our power to assure our customers are not just satisfied but delighted with our products and service.

Our Marketing & Sales serves a wide variety of domestic and worldwide markets through a network of national or regional distributor partners, through governmental agencies or organizations, or through private label or toll manufacturing customers. In addition to assuring the reliable supply of our current products to meet our customers´ needs, we keep an eye on market trends and developments in order to be ready with the new products our customers will require to meet the demands of their markets in the future. At Hercon, we believe we can only assure our success by assuring our customers´ success.

Our Product Development activities are wide ranging and include product formulation research and development, packaging development, field testing, technical information and service support, and regulatory affairs support for domestic and international markets. Our new product development efforts are greatly enhanced by the large network of academic and governmental research cooperators we have built over the years. Our customers have learned they can rely on us for the products and the technical support they need to achieve success in the markets they serve.

Our Quality Assurance is committed to maintaining our well–established reputation as our customers´ preferred source for dependable top quality products and service (see Our Quality).

Our Manufacturing capabilities include high volume production of controlled–release products utilizing Hercon´s unique laminated polymer technology and other methods, processing of finished products in a wide variety of forms to suit the application, and product packaging of various types and sizes. In addition to production of Hercon´s branded products, our capabilities permit private label and toll manufacturing of current or new products with the flexibility required to meet our customers´ changing needs.

Our Facilities

Hercon occupies a 10–acre campus in Emigsville (near York), Pennsylvania. The site houses Hercon´s Customer Service, Marketing & Sales, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Manufacturing, and Administrative activities.