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HERCON® ENVIRONMENTAL is proud to introduce a new configuration of HERCON® INSECTAPE® with PROPOXUR
HERCON® INSECTAPE® is an insecticidal strip with application clip that kills foraging fire ants, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse). It keeps insects...
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 Insects such as ants, wasps, bees, yellowjackets and spiders can infest and cause millions of dollars of damage a year to electrical and telecommunication equipment. This includes: traffic signals, air conditioners, telephone junctions, outdoor lights and transformers. Fortunately, HERCON ENVIRONMENTAL® has a solution for these costly pest problems.

HERCON® INSECTAPE® is a multi-layered strip containing the insecticide Propoxur. It kills foraging fire ants, wasps, hornets, bees, yellowjackets and spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse) that walk across the surface. The active ingredient propoxur is an effective insecticide that helps keep insects away from equipment and prevents insect infestations. It protects equipment and personnel from insect damage and injury. It reduces maintenance time by preventing service interruptions and injury to personnel caused by stinging and biting insects.

HERCON® INSECTAPE® can be used in electrical or telecommunication equipment. This includes aerial terminals, pedestals and cable enclosures, electric meters, traffic controller or junction boxes, pole mounted equipment, customer premise equipment, cable closures and terminal boxes, electronics, street lighting, computers, railroad systems, security and smoke alarms, traffic control systems, network interface devices, meter boxes, surge protectors, various OEM equipment and other outdoor or indoor telecommunications or electrical apparatus.

Fast and easy to apply. The new configuration consists of a laminated strip attached to an application clip which is convenient and easy-to-use with no mixing or measuring. It is easy to apply and remove from equipment. Simply take it out of the pouch and place in the equipment box.

Replacement interval. Replace when effectiveness diminishes. HERCON® INSECTAPE® can remain effective up to one year under suitable conditions.


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