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HERCON® ENVIRONMENTAL is proud to introduce a new configuration of HERCON® INSECTAPE® with PROPOXUR
HERCON® INSECTAPE® is an insecticidal strip with application clip that kills foraging fire ants, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse). It keeps insects...
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Hercon´s unique proprietary and patented laminated polymer technology is the foundation of our controlled-release product manufacturing capability. This technology allows formulation and mass-production of highly effective controlled-release products for many different applications using a wide variety of active ingredients.

The unique multi-layer structure of Hercon´s laminated polymer formulation system protects sensitive active ingredients from premature environmental breakdown caused by oxidation or photo-degradation. It also prolongs the useful life of active ingredients by controlling their rate of release so an efficacious amount is continuously made available. By selecting the appropriate film thickness and polymeric composition, product release characteristics can be varied to accommodate a wide range of active ingredients and use applications.

Hercon´s laminated polymer technology permits high speed/high volume manufacturing of products having uniform high quality. The laminate structure produced lends itself to a wide variety of finished product forms, from small flakes suitable for aerial application (see DISRUPT® II GM), to postage stamp-sized dispensers for use as lures in insect traps (see LURETAPE® Insect Monitoring Lures), and larger patches for the controlled-release of insecticides to prevent insect infestations in telecommunications and utility equipment (see INSECTAPE® Insecticidal Tape/Strip).

In addition to our unique laminated polymer technology, we utilize several other formulation and manufacturing methods to produce efficacious insect monitoring or control products when appropriate.