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Hercon´s DISRUPT MICRO-FLAKE® and DISRUPT BIO-FLAKE® Bark Beetle Anti–Aggregant products provide a very important capability in the fight against bark beetles, namely the ability to protect high value trees by allowing rapid and effective aerial treatment of forests or large tree stands not possible with the...
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Environmentally Compatible Insect Monitoring & Control Products
Our mission is to help our customers grow their business by delivering products and services of exceptional value distinguished by their quality and innovation on time every day. In turn our customers reward us with the privilege of being their solution provider. For 30+ years Hercon has remained a leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of environmentally compatible insect monitoring and control products based primarily on insect pheromone technology.
Hercon's unique proprietary and
patented laminated polymer technology is the foundation of our controlled-release technology.
Gypsy moth treatment season is here! Over 400,000 acres throughout the United States to be treated with Herconís DISRUPT II GYPSY MOTH.

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